FFL (Federeal Firearms License) Compliance Information

All firearm sales will follow the FFL guidelines and compliance requirements.

Is it legal for an FFL to facilitate private sales?

Yes. not only is it legal for an FFl to facilitate private sales, it can help enhance public safety by ensuring a background check is run on the prospective purchaser.

Are FFLs required to facilitate private sales under federal law?
No. Facilitating private sales is purely voluntary under federal law. note that state laws may impose their own requirements, and you should ensure that you comply with the requirements in your state.
Why should an FFL facilitate private sales?

Although it’s legal under federal law for a private seller to sell a firearm to a resident of his or her own state, private sellers have no way of checking to see if the buyer is legally able to possess a firearm. Private sellers generally do not have access to complete background checks. note, however, that some states may require potential purchasers to undergo background checks, and have set up systems to meet that requirement.