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Know Before You Go

by | Mon, Apr 10, 2023

Are you looking for a way to save some money on your next firearm purchase? If so, have you considered shopping at either Pawn World store in Kingman, Arizona?

Pawn shops are not just shady places where you can trade old stuff for cash, or use it for collateralon on a quick loan. As you might know from previous blog posts, pawn shops can also be literal treasure troves of guns – rare guns, rare old guns, new guns, and guns for target practice, hunting, or home defense.

But how do you buy guns from pawn shops? What do you look for?

First of all, let’s answer the question why buy guns from pawn shops? Well, there are numerous advantages. One of the most obvious is savings. Pawn World has great deals on used guns and accessories. Our prices are  lower than retail stores or online dealers. And we might be able to negotiate the price if you have trade-in items.

Another advantage is that you can find some unique or hard-to-find guns that are not available elsewhere. Pawn shops often have a variety of guns from different eras, countries, and manufacturers. It is not likely that you will stumble upon a vintage Colt revolver, a German Mauser rifle, or a Japanese Nambu pistol but you might be surprised.

However, buying guns from pawn shops also has some drawbacks and risks. One is that you have to be careful about the quality and legality of the guns you buy. Pawn shops are not always experts on firearms and they may not inspect them thoroughly before selling them. You often have to do your own research and inspection to make sure the gun is safe, functional, and legal to own in your state.

But these problems can be alleviated if you are dealing with a reputable, well established pawnshop, such as Pawn World, that has a knowledgable staff. Shopping at a store such as this will take the stress from the hassle of form 4473 and the background check through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Ppawn shops are licensed federal firearms dealers and they have to follow the same laws and regulations as any other gun seller.

So, how do you buy guns from pawn shops? Here are some steps to follow:

1) Do your homework. Know before you go so you can ask informed questions that will make it easier for our staff to select the kind of gun you want or need. There are a number of reputable online resources available for your research. You can also read reviews and watch videos on YouTube to learn more about the features and performance of different guns.
2) Not all pawn shops are created equal. Some are more trustworthy and knowledgeable than others. You want to find a pawn shop that has a good reputation, a large selection of guns, and friendly staff who are willing to help you. We are quite confident that this type of research will lead you to Pawn World, one of the largest and most reputable gun stores in northwest Arizona.
3) Once you find the right gun, inspect the gun carefully with a member of our staff. Ask questions. As a second set of eyes will on a rare occasion find an issue, before purchase check for any signs of damage, wear, rust, corrosion, cracks, or modifications that could affect the safety or functionality of the gun. You also want to check the bore for any pitting or fouling that could affect the accuracy or reliability of the gun.
4) Then simply complete the transaction by filling out a form 4473, and providing your identification and contact information. A background check can take anywhere from a few minutes to several days depending on your state and the volume of requests.

Do you have questions? If so give Pawn World a call. Know before you go.

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