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Know Before You Go

by | Tue, Dec 20, 2022

Education does not end with the cap and gown ceremony, and receipt of a diploma. Self education is a life long pursuit. It is also a responsibility.

The right of firearm ownership is enshrined in the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This right carries tremendous responsibility and that includes education about care and use of the weapon, acquiisition, and storage.

Our current fiream inventory is large and diverse. This includes the popular Smith & Wesson M & P sport II semi-auto rifle, 5.56, 16-inch, with 30 round clip.This type of rifle has been tested extensively and reviews are favorable. Overall it is rated as one of the best rifles available in testing for 25 yard accuracy.

For the serious hunter we currently have a selection of 700 series Remingtons. Outdoor Life begins its review of these rifles with a glowing tribute. “You can’t talk about the best deer rifles without including one of the all-time greats ….” The review continues with, “The calling card of these rifles is their fast-handling and ability to deliver quick follow-up shots.”

For a hand gun we have the popular Glock Gen 3 17 in stock. And we also have the critically acclaimed Taurus G3 X. A review in Outdoor Life said, “There likely wasn’t a handgun in the 2022 Gun test that exceeded expectations as much as the Taurus G3X. This compact 9mm is a typical striker-fired poly pistol on the surface, but when being shot, it thoroughly impressed the test team.”

We also have the exceptional Colt Python. A review after extensive testing by the staff of Outdoor Life said, “Even after running the Python hard, the cylinder spun like butter, and locked up smoothly with no slop. The fit and finish was excellent, and even the seam between the crane and frame almost disappears when the cylinder is closed.”

Our inventory is ever changing. But there are still several shopping days left before Christmas, and we currently have a variety of firearms from Sig Sauer, Springfield, Glock, Tauras Colt, Beretta, Charter Arm, Ruger, Remington and Canik. We also have an array of firearm accessories.

But don’t forget, Pawn World is more than a gun store. If you are looking for last minute gift ideas we also have a large inventory of power tools, electronics, and even a Harley Davidson.

Pawn World in Kingman, Arizona is northwest Arizona’s largest gun and gun supply store. That comes with tremendous responsibility, something that we take very seriously. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist with your firearm purchase, and to answer your questions about weapons as well as storage.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America 


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